Purposeful Discipleship

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We want to help every person take the next step in following Jesus through intentional biblical community.

The Way of a Disciple


A disciple is "someone who is growing in their dependence on and devotion to Jesus." Disciples never stop needing to grow. But how do we know if we are growing and where we need to keep growing? We need the Lord, working through the Holy Spirit, his word, and his church, to reveal where and how he wants us to grow. We want to be purposeful in our discipleship as the Lord reveals his purposes for us.

After much prayer and study, we have identified 7 growth points that can help us visualize where we all might find ourselves on "The (path)WAY" of a disciple. We have also designed a tool called "The (path)WAY Self-Assessment" to help each person identify what growth steps they can take next with the support of biblical community. We hope that this tool will be able you identify ways that you are growing, can pursue more growth, or are stuck in your growth. If want to pursue purposeful discipleship with us, we would invite you to take the assessment by clicking the link below.