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Find your home in the family of God!

We want you to be part of our family!

We believe that we can’t follow Jesus alone and that, by God’s grace, we don’t have to! When God the Father calls people to be his children through faith in Jesus, he calls us to relate to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. The church isn’t just like a family: it IS a family! We aren’t a perfect family, but we are committed to following Jesus and living out his gospel together.


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Visiting a new church can be hard, but it doesn't have to be... we'll help you feel ready!


Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities are the primary way we set out to grow at Oak Hill... find out how to join one!

Abide Sermon Series

Remaining in constant awareness of, connection to, and dependence on the power and presence of our loving Savior.


Making disciples is at the core of all we do. But what does that mean? We believe it means first and foremost that we must PROCLAIM JESUS in everything that we do (Col. 1:28). He is the only Savior and Lord, and everything exists for his glory. As we put our trust in him, the second part of our calling is to EQUIP SERVANTS for the work of the ministry who faithfully abide, grow and endure in Jesus (Eph. 4:11-16). Finally, as Jesus is proclaimed, and servants are equipped, we are able to SEND WITNESSES who sacrificially point others to Jesus in our church, local community, and around the world (Acts 1:8).*

Our Podcast


Jesus has invited us to abide in him as he abides in us. This can feel like an abstract thought that we hear and move on from because we don’t know what it means. If we do that, we miss out on so much rich truth and the very essence of the Christian life. To abide in Christ is simply this:

Remaining in constant awareness of, connection to, and dependence on the power and presence of our loving Savior.


It is our prayer that you would more fully embrace Christ’s invitation to abide as we begin this year and that these resources would serve you as we pursue this theme together.

Oak Hill Fellowship

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Celebration Service

Sunday | 9:00 AM

Discipleship Hour

Sunday | 11:00 PM

Gospel Communities

Various locations and times 


902 Winter Hill Rd

Strasburg, PA 17579

Tel: (717) 786-4559