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March 30   

Church Wide Prayer: Saturday, March 29 | 8:00 AM -5:00 PM


Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is traditionally part of a greater series of “holy days” designed to intensify our hunger for God and increase our sense of dependence, devotion, and delight in him. These distinctively Christ-centered “Holy Days” (where we get our word “holidays”) have their roots in the Old Testament observance of feasts. Worshipers used these feasts to reflect on different aspects of God’s saving work.

This year, we want to recapture the remembrance of “Holy Saturday,” the day that we reflect upon Jesus' body buried in the grave. Christ’s Spirit spent this special Jewish Sabbath day at rest in Sheol/Hades/Paradise (the resting place of dead saints) awaiting his resurrection on the third day (Sunday morning). On this day, his disciples mourned and wondered at what God might be up to, while Jesus proclaimed life to a host of captives who died in faith of his fulfillment of God’s promise. Holy Saturday is a time for longing, mourning sin, and rest in the hope of Christ’s final work.

This “Prayer Summit” is an extended time for focused corporate prayer, worship, communion, and meditating on the scriptures with other believers from Oak Hill. We will respond to God’s word in adoration, alignment, asking, and acknowledging our need for him, but there will not be a rigid structure or agenda. 


Oak Hill Fellowship Building  |  1 W. Fourth Street  |  Quarryville, PA 17566

We ask that participants carve out the following time (which we recognize might require you to rearrange your Easter Weekend, and we believe that will be worth it and restful.

Saturday, March 30  |  8:00am – 5:00pm  (*light breakfast and lunch provided)


Bible, journal, pen, casual clothing, comfortable shoes, an expectant heart, and a good attitude! 


We are not providing childcare, so we encourage you to find your own for the day as needed.

We believe that time with the Lord and with his church is worth the effort to get there.

Would you join us to seek the Lord together? Sign up today!


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