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Series Vision: Develop an abiding faith in Christ’s calling and promise that fuels our next steps in him. 

As we study the story of Abraham and the coming of his son Isaac, we will see how his faith in God’s promise of a future son reveals our need to walk by faith in the ultimate Son of God's promise,
Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the ultimate fulfilment of God's promises to Abraham. He is the seed of the woman that humanity was waiting for. He is the blessing to all nations as people from every people, tribe, and tongue turn to him. And Jesus is the security that true Israel will one day dwell in peace under his rule as they turn to him in faith. 


Proclaim Jesus

To understand the essence of what it means to put our faith in Christ.

Equip Servants

To continue identifying and taking our next steps by faith in Christ in the context of biblical community. 

Send Witnesses

To be fueled in our local and global witness by seeing God’s intention to bless the nations through Abraham’s offspring, making him the Father of all who believe. 

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