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You've heard it a million times: "Jesus is the reason for the season!" You've probably seen the catchphrase on a Christmas ornament hanging right above Snoopy on ice skates. Maybe you've seen it on a Christmas sweater, in a meme on Facebook, or painted on a sign as part of someone's holiday light display. It's cute, it rhymes, and therefore it must be effective for reminding everyone of the dangers of consumerism that is so prevalent this time of year... right?

However, just like the theologically rich Christmas Carols that get mixed into the Christmas playlist and broadcast over the loudspeakers in the malls each year, the profound truth of this little cliche is generally lost on most people. Do they (and do we) really know why Jesus is the reason for the season? Do they fully understand who Jesus is and what he came to do? Or is Jesus another cute addition to our nativity scenes and Hallmark movie-style pageants? Could we as believers explain the full depth of the wonderful reasons why Jesus came into the world?

Thankfully, Jesus did not leave us guessing about why he came. On frequent occasions he said, "For this reason I came into the world...," and the ways he finished that sentence were varied. This Christmas season, we will explore the rich depth of the reason Jesus gave for his incarnation, demonstrating why the Son of God became man, and proving why Jesus is the reason not only for this season, but all seasons!




John 9:39 

John 6:38-40
Matt 9:13

Mark 10:45 
John 12:46 

Luke 2:14

John 17:18

"Jesus Came… For Judgment"

"Jesus Came… to Fulfill God's Plan"
"Jesus Came… to Call Sinners"

"Jesus Came… to Pay Our Ransom"
"Jesus Came… to Give Light"
"Jesus Came… to Bring Glory to God"
"Jesus Came… to Send Us Out"

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Many of you were working through the "The Good News" reading plan which wraps up this week! We wanted to recommend this Advent reading from The Daily Grace Co., "Hope Has Come" as a way to get into God's word. This study urges the use of the inductive bible study method through select text, following the Advent calendar.

This Advent season, we invite you to view it as a celebration of the hope found in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ - in light of the gospel and the fulfillment of Scripture. This 4 week study will carry us through to Christmas Day. Let your time through the word deepen your understanding of who Jesus is and prepare your hearts in anticipation for the arrival of our eternal God and King! May it help you keep him at the center of your Christmas season!

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