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The Bible tells one whole story of God from Creation to Re-Creation, helping us make sense of his story in our own lives. Starting on Sunday, this "Discover the Story" reading plan (click here) is designed to walk you through the story of the Bible week by week in coordination with our sermon series and discipleship hour class. 

Titus 2 is clear that women need one another for discipleship in the church, which will extend to making disciples in the community. Join our women on this journey as they spread "the aroma of Christ" everywhere. AROMA is taking a break for the summer months and will be back in the fall.

God has called men to be leaders in our families and in the family of families, the church. One of most tangible places that leadership plays out is in our Gospel Communities, and so we are spending time equipping men to take leadership in building strong community in our GCs. We will train on such topics as prayer, gospel accountability, and biblical hospitality.